White Wool Dress

White Wool Dress

Eowyn wears this dress in “The Two Towers.”  It is fitted through side seams, with sleeves tight to the elbow then flaring to trumpet shapes.  The upper sleeves are bound with cord I made from white thread.  Tight inner sleeves are also worn; they are not attached to anything–just slipped on to the arms.  Gold glitter paint decorates the neck and sleeve hems.  The belt is made from white fabric ribbon, on which I used gold paint to make the decorations.  It closes in the back with ties.

Mirror Dress

Galadriel’s Mirror Dress

This is Galadriel’s most famous dress, worn when she meets the Fellowship in Lorien.

Here’s the underdress.


The overdress is made from a nice, slightly shiny, flowered lace.

The sleeves, though similar to Arwen’s 2-part sleeves, are 1 piece. They are tight to the elbow, then flare out to an almost half-circle shape.

The cloak is still forthcoming 🙂

Sci-fi girl

Sci-fi girl

This is an original design I had a lot of fun with 🙂  It is largely based on characters from Star Wars.

There are several parts to this outfit:

White pants (from the store)

White long-sleeved top (handmade)

Silver corset with skirt parts (the silver stuff for this came from the bodice parts of some store-bought doll dresses; I cut up, like, 4 dresses to get the parts I needed)

Silver halter top (also store-bought, this was originally white but I used silver glitter glue to make it match with the corset)

Belt made from a strip of elastic

Store-bought grey shoes

Lightsabers!  Made from chenille wires and foil

1. Just the corset

2. Hair down (I like it this way!)

3. Hair up for action

1.  2.  3.

UPDATE: I moved the silver corset and top to the Superheroine doll ‘cuz I liked it better  with that outfit 🙂

FYI, here’s how the Sci-fi doll looks now:

A bit more Jedi-ish, don’t you think? 🙂



This Eowyn dress is a really pretty one featured in “The Return of the King.” It is shown in 1 long shot like this; then the brown skirt is worn with it when Eowyn wears the outfit in the Rohan camp.

This outfit is the first Eowyn dress I made.  The white chemise and skirt were made from a T-shirt and the vest and corset from brown felt, embellished with gold glitter paint.  If I’d had brown material I would’ve made the camp skirt, but I didn’t, so I couldn’t  😦

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