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Cranberry Gown

Cranberry Dress

This dress had a very brief appearance in “The Two Towers”; also, there are very few pictures of it. ¬†Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous dress that I just had to make once I got the¬†burgundy¬†crushed panne velvet. ūüôā

The velvet is stretchy, so the dress pulls over the doll’s head. ¬†The sleeves, though they look like they are 2-part, are really 1 piece for a smoother fit. ¬†At the bottom, the sleeve seam is left unsewn to allow the doll’s hands to come through. ¬†Gold glitter paint decorates the neckline and sleeves.

Chase Dress

Chase Dress

This is also known as the Riding outfit. ¬†Arwen wears this¬†pretty and practical “Lord of the Rings” dress¬†when she saves Frodo from the Ringwraiths and brings him to Rivendell.

In lieu of swede, I used a grey T-shirt fabric, and finished the edges with Fray-Check: I think it gives a pretty good look. ¬†I had a good pattern, but it was still a rather complicated project. ¬†It’s the first dress I’ve made that has princess seams. ¬†The skirt was pretty easy and looks really cool. ¬†The bodice and sleeves were…harder. ¬†Lots of little pieces to keep track of, fitting, modifications…. ¬† But I think it came out well ūüôā

The princess seams are modified so the seam is at the shoulder. ¬†A seam runs down the front of the bodice and the dress pulls over the doll’s head. ¬†Embroidery floss was used for the laced ties in front, and there’s a ribbon sash in the back. ¬†The coat sleeves are 2-piece, the lower part being petal wrapped. ¬†The skirts (my favorite part) are actually 2 petal shapes, slightly overlapping in front and back. ¬†Attached to the main dress/coat are flared, white lower sleeves, and¬†a white underskirt, that’s also split in front and back,¬†(made from a pair of tights with a crinkle texture). ¬†Brown leggings are worn underneath.

Green dress

Green dress

This dress is actually a composite of 2 movie costumes. Both Eowyn in “The Two Towers” and Susan Pevensie in the first “Narnia” movie wear a gorgeous green dress. I decided to combine them…and here’s what I came up with. ūüôā

I started off of a pattern on which I made adjustments. There is an underdress of tan leaves on a dark green background. The overdress is a lightweight dark green.

As for the design, I incorporated the elements I like best from each dress. The overdress skirt, rather than having a gap in the front which a panel covers (as in Eowyn’s dress), is a full circle only split toward the side. This is so it can be worn like either Susan’s or Eowyn’s skirt.The sleeves are smaller, more like Susan’s than Eowyn’s. I added ties on the upper arms because they were an element of Eowyn’s dresses that I liked but hadn’t used much. I left off Eowyn’s gold yoke and collar, and Susan’s white upper arm decorations.

The belt is 2 Indian gold-plated necklaces. ¬†The doll’s hairstyle is the Narnian style–2 braids pulled back into a half-ponytail.

Sailor Dress

Sailor Dress

Another original design ūüôā

The dress is actually made out of that blue silky material as Arwen’s “Blue Traveling Dress” overdress–only this time, I used the other side of the fabric. ¬†It looks totally different on that side–rough and sturdy, perfect for something like this. ¬†The white piping around the hem and sleeves is white bias tape. ¬†A neat fish bracelet is what I used for the belt.

You can see the trim better here:            Here I added a neckerchief:

Greek Chiton

Greek chiton

This dress is Greek-inspired. ¬†I looked at doric chitons, ionic chitons, peplums and more…and just came up with something I thought looked neat. ¬†Studying the Dream Gown Arwen wears in “The Two Towers” and Molendrix’s pattern for a Guinevere dress helped, too.

This basic pattern started as 2 rectangles, 1 in front and 1 in back, attached at the shoulders–like Arwen’s Dream Gown. ¬†But then I wanted to put in those drape-y sleeve things–I think they add more to the look. ¬†So I went with something similar to the Guinevere dress, only with shorter sleeves. ¬†The whole thing came out looking like a “T” with the top and bottom left open, and the sides closed. Then the top is gathered at 2 or 3 points along each shoulder. ¬†I also sewed down the drapes on the sides so they’d look better. The golden chenille stems are for decoration.


First off, any and all creative ideas I get come from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Everything I do is for His glory.

For me, making doll clothes has been an exercise in resourcefulness. ¬†I get an idea, then I go hunting for supplies. ¬†Mostly, I just use whatever we have around the house ūüôā

However, I had a lot of help in actually making the outfits–in the form of some great websites that contain movie pictures, instructions, tips, and a lot more. ¬†The following websites have been especially helpful. ¬†I an extremely grateful to them for having these sites up and putting so many useful things on there.

LOTR Costumes (very thorough)

Molendrix (great doll dress patterns)

Costumer’s Guide¬†(lots of screencaps)

Very Faery¬†(on Arwen’s dresses)

Padawan’s Guide¬†(Star Wars characters)

Fit for a Queen (good info on Star Wars females)

Wardrobe Door (Narnia Web’s comprehensive site)

I hope you are inspired to creativity, thriftiness, and resourcefulness, as I have been!

~ Soli Deo Gloria

Coronation dress

Coronation dress

This is a really pretty Arwen dress from the movie “Return of the King.” ¬†I couldn’t get the right material for so long, then all of a sudden I found this Indian petticoat with a real nice drape, which I then used for the overdress.

The overdress is really long, giving that nice “pooling” at the bottom. ¬†Both parts of the 2-part Elven sleeves (on the underdress) have 2 layers. ¬†The top part has lace over light green cloth, and the 1/2 circle lower part has a sheer under layer.

Grey with stars

Grey dress

In the “Lord of the Rings” books, J.R.R. Tolkien only describes 1 dress that Arwen wears–in Rivendell, she wears “soft grey raiment.” ¬†When I read that, I was kinda surprised the movies hadn’t featured 1 similar to that description–I would’ve loved to see it. ¬†Or does the Chase dress count? ¬†Hmmmm…. ¬†But I had fun making up this one on my own ūüôā

It’s made of the same fabric as the cloak on the Ranger doll is. ¬†It’s edged with this neat decorative stitch on our sewing machine…it’s like flower petals–pretty Elvish looking. I really like the way it makes the hem ripple. ¬†The belt is made of various crystal-looking beads and stars.

Rose dress

Rose dress

This dress was cut from the theatrical version of “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”, but I found a pattern for it and also had the material, so I made it. ¬†The pretty underdress has roses on a light pink background.

This is second time I made this dress–I’ve sold the original. ¬†I added the gold paint, then decided I liked it better plain ūüėÄ


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