Disney Princesses in the Spring

A pretty take on some traditional Disney Princess dresses. I'd like to make a doll dress similar to these one day :D

A pretty take on some traditional Disney Princess dresses. I’d like to make a doll dress similar to these one day 😀

Flowered Peasant Dress For Sale!

The Flowered Peasant outfit—$25

This one-of-a-kind, handmade doll dress is currently for sale (and comes with the doll)! Outfit includes a drawstring skirt, white chemise, and blue felt vest. Please let me know via the form below if you are interested in purchasing it. Thank you 😀

Also see the Red Velvet Elven Dress for sale here!

My new Photography Blog!

Hi everyone! I’d like to let you know about my new photography blog! This is where I’ll post all my photography (which I’ve been publishing under the Our Father’s World category in this blog), keeping my Star Shining Forever blog for mostly doll-related things and miscellaneous stuff 😀 Please do check out my new blog, comment and follow!! See you there! 😀

This Is Our Father’s World

New Pages!

Just wanted to let everyone know about a few new pages on my site! 😀

See my editing business website

A new page of Lord of the Rings music

Sales—buy an OOAK doll here!


Pink & Blue Picnic Dress

I made this dress for my cute little 3-year old cousin, who likes 1) dolls and 2) pink :).

The straight, blue-flowered skirt was one of the first pieces of doll clothing I made.  Then I used the complementing pink-eyelet cloth (which I also used for the Pink Picnic Dress) to make a top.  A sheer blue ribbon sash and hair bow complete the outfit.


Superheroine doll

We recently watched the Disney Pixar (animated) movie “The Incredibles,” which I really liked.  That movie was the main inspiration for this outfit 🙂  So I created this superheroine and an outfit for her–she has a backstory, family, superpowers, all that… 🙂

To start with, there’s the superhero staple–a spandex supersuit!  I made that out of a dark blue sock that had a great stretch to it.  It’s all one piece.  Then i took the silver corset and halter top off of the Sci-fi girl‘s outfit, because I felt it would look better with this outfit.  (You can read more about how I made the silver corset and top here.)  Red plastic boots (which I didn’t make) complete the outfit.

Pastel Peasant Dress

Pastel Peasant Dress

I really like peasant dresses!  They are pretty easy to make and are so versatile!  All you need are 2-3 complimentary colors and/or patterns, and a variety of dresses can be created, in different styles.  (You can see the first peasant dress I made here.)

This dress I made as a birthday present for my very good friend Hannah, who was also my music teacher before we moved.  Her favorite colors are yellow, green and blue, so I used the pastels I had in all those colors.

There’s the yellow chemise with gathered neck and sleeves, the blue skirt (a half-circle this time), and the green felt vest, laced up in back.  Also worn are a yellow flowered apron and a headband, made of a piece of pink trim.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez

My grandmother, knowing how much I like pretty doll clothes, sent me this doll for my birthday!  She is dressed in a traditional Asian Indian outfit (which I didn’t make :)) called a Salwar Kameez.

First there’s a tunic, which is sometimes slit up the sides to about the waist (this doll’s top isn’t slit–it’s closed like a dress).  Underneath are worn loose pants that are tightened at the ankle.  A dupatta (long rectangle of cloth like a shawl) completes the outfit.  There are many different ways to wear a dupatta; I just draped this one over the doll’s shoulder and put in a few stitches at the side to hold it.

Indian clothing often contains many beautiful, vibrant, complementary colors and patterns, and this outfit is no exception!

The doll is accessorized with a gold necklace, bangles, and earrings.

Without the Dupatta                                 Back view

Peasant Dress

Peasant Dress

This dress I made as a Christmas gift for my second-youngest sister (also the one I made the 40’s style dress for).  The dress is similar to the Hobbit dress I made. As my sister’s favorite color is yellow, that’s what I made the theme 🙂  There’s a shirt/chemise of a pastel yellow, gathered at the neck and elbows with embroidery thread.  The skirt is a patterned, straight skirt, gathered at the waist with a drawstring.  The vest is the from Hobbit vest pattern, only in yellow felt.

The doll came from a different dollar store than where I usually get dolls, hence those funny pink shoes that don’t match at all 🙂

Picnic Dress

Picnic Dress

I made this dress as a Christmas present for my youngest sister (she likes pink :))

The material is from my grandmother’s sister. It’s a nice light pink with decorative eyelets sprinkled throughout. The dress is two layers of cloth while the sleeves are one. Hems are finished with a serge-type stitch on our sewing machine. A green satin ribbon belt cinches the dress at the waist and completes the outfit.

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