Sci-fi girl

Sci-fi girl

This is an original design I had a lot of fun with 🙂  It is largely based on characters from Star Wars.

There are several parts to this outfit:

White pants (from the store)

White long-sleeved top (handmade)

Silver corset with skirt parts (the silver stuff for this came from the bodice parts of some store-bought doll dresses; I cut up, like, 4 dresses to get the parts I needed)

Silver halter top (also store-bought, this was originally white but I used silver glitter glue to make it match with the corset)

Belt made from a strip of elastic

Store-bought grey shoes

Lightsabers!  Made from chenille wires and foil

1. Just the corset

2. Hair down (I like it this way!)

3. Hair up for action

1.  2.  3.

UPDATE: I moved the silver corset and top to the Superheroine doll ‘cuz I liked it better  with that outfit 🙂

FYI, here’s how the Sci-fi doll looks now:

A bit more Jedi-ish, don’t you think? 🙂


Obi-wan outfit

Obi-wan outfit

Obi-wan Kenobi is probably the favorite Jedi in our house 🙂  Since my brothers had this GI Joe-type Army man and weren’t playing with it too much, I decided to see what I could do with it, and ended up re-costuming it as the Jedi master.

The outfit is based on what he wears in “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.”  The shirt is made of a coarse material and the vest out of part of some socks!  The pants he came with, so I didn’t have to make them.  Belt is made from a strip of elastic colored black.  The boots aren’t quite right–they should be brown and in a cowboy-like style–but that seems to be an ambitious project I’m not going to attempt now 🙂

The lightsaber is made from green chenille stems and a bead covered with foil.

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