About my Dolls

Most of my doll outfits are patterned after movie costumes.  The movies I mostly use are The Lord of the Rings series, The Princess Bride, and the Narnia series–3 of my faves.

The dolls wearing the LOTR outfits I got from Hobby Lobby.  The black-haired dolls model Princess Bride dresses as well as other, non-movie outfits.  I also like to make back stories for my costumed dolls.   The brunettes are supposed to be Aragorn and Arwen’s daughter; the blondes, Faramir and Eowyn’s daughter. I’ve also used Narnia as an inspiration for several dresses.  Dolls in the Other category wear mostly historical-based dresses.  The dolls in the Original Designs category wear outfits not based on movie costumes, and have a backstory.

~ Soli Deo Gloria!
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