Pink & Blue Picnic Dress

I made this dress for my cute little 3-year old cousin, who likes 1) dolls and 2) pink :).

The straight, blue-flowered skirt was one of the first pieces of doll clothing I made.  Then I used the complementing pink-eyelet cloth (which I also used for the Pink Picnic Dress) to make a top.  A sheer blue ribbon sash and hair bow complete the outfit.


Superheroine doll

We recently watched the Disney Pixar (animated) movie “The Incredibles,” which I really liked.  That movie was the main inspiration for this outfit 🙂  So I created this superheroine and an outfit for her–she has a backstory, family, superpowers, all that… 🙂

To start with, there’s the superhero staple–a spandex supersuit!  I made that out of a dark blue sock that had a great stretch to it.  It’s all one piece.  Then i took the silver corset and halter top off of the Sci-fi girl‘s outfit, because I felt it would look better with this outfit.  (You can read more about how I made the silver corset and top here.)  Red plastic boots (which I didn’t make) complete the outfit.

Pastel Peasant Dress

Pastel Peasant Dress

I really like peasant dresses!  They are pretty easy to make and are so versatile!  All you need are 2-3 complimentary colors and/or patterns, and a variety of dresses can be created, in different styles.  (You can see the first peasant dress I made here.)

This dress I made as a birthday present for my very good friend Hannah, who was also my music teacher before we moved.  Her favorite colors are yellow, green and blue, so I used the pastels I had in all those colors.

There’s the yellow chemise with gathered neck and sleeves, the blue skirt (a half-circle this time), and the green felt vest, laced up in back.  Also worn are a yellow flowered apron and a headband, made of a piece of pink trim.

Sailor Dress

Sailor Dress

Another original design 🙂

The dress is actually made out of that blue silky material as Arwen’s “Blue Traveling Dress” overdress–only this time, I used the other side of the fabric.  It looks totally different on that side–rough and sturdy, perfect for something like this.  The white piping around the hem and sleeves is white bias tape.  A neat fish bracelet is what I used for the belt.

You can see the trim better here:            Here I added a neckerchief:

Buttercup Blue Dress

Buttercup Blue Dress

Okay, now for a fancy Buttercup dress.  This is the one she wears while sadly walking down the hall at the palace, and again while standing up to Humperdink.

I used a basic pattern but made the dress more fitted using the side seams.  The fabric is a real nice, soft one and the “wings”  are made from a sheer, silky material. There’s a slight train.  Instead of silver beads for decoration, as the original had, I used silver glitter paint.

Buttercup jumper #2

Buttercup jumper #2

This is the second outift Buttercup wears in the movie “The Princess Bride.”  It’s worn as she says goodbye to Westley.  True, not a very well known one, but I really liked it.  The chemise is 3/4 sleeved and the dark blue jumper looks like a vest because of the apron worn over it.

Buttercup jumper #1

Buttercup jumper

When we first watched “The Princess Bride”, I really enjoyed it.  Only recently did I think of starting to make the costumes.

This is the first dress Buttercup wears in the movie. It consists of the blue pullover shift and light brown jumper, which is fully lined.

Hobbit dress

Hobbit dress

Okay…I know, these fashion dolls are definitely built more like Elves than Hobbits, but I wanted the variety, so I made this one.  It’s shorter than it looks–a little below the knee.  It’s loosely based on Rosie’s party dress (at Bilbo’s 111th birthday).  But it could be any generic Hobbit-girl.

The chemise, a basic T-shape (no set in armholes), has a gathered neck and sleeves and is the wrong side of a floral material, so you can see the print, which I liked. The skirt is a gathered straight skirt. I used a decorative applique-like stitch to fix the piece of cloth with the embroidered flower to the bright blue felt vest.

Blue traveling dress

This is a “Lord of the Rings” movie dress, worn by Arwen as she starts to leave for the Grey Havens in “The Return of the King.”  This is the second dress I made.

There’s an underdress–with the big half-circle sleeves made of a sheer, silky material.  The jumper-like overdress is of blue silky cloth–I didn’t have anything as light as in the movie, and I liked this 🙂  The trim is different too–resources again…  It’s silver cord over a strip of the dark blue.

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