Random Thoughts #1: Thankful

First “official” random thoughts 🙂

Today, I thought I’d share some things that I’m thankful for. 😀

1. Father God, so awesome, yet He cares for us
2. Jesus, our Savior, Redeemer and Friend
3. Holy Spirit Who guides and leads us
4. The Bible
5. Life — spiritual and physical
6. My family—awesome parents, sisters and brothers—and extended family
7. Good friends
8. Examples and role models, in the Bible and throughout history
9. Yummy, wholesome food, and enough of it
10. The beautiful world God created
11. The 5 senses
12. America, our great nation, and the Godly principles it was founded upon
13. Enjoyable, inspiring, entertaining, fun books, movies, TV shows and radio shows
14. Colors
15. The conveniences of the western world, namely indoor plumbing
16. Music — instrumental and vocal
17. Sewing, knitting, drawing, painting, photography, and all things artsy
18. The wind — from cool breezes on hot days to chilly blasts that encourage cozy activities
19. Snow and rain
20. Computers and the Internet
21. College by transfer credit and distance learning
22. The incredible solar system…stars, planets, comets, moons…
23. Vehicles for transportation
24. Clearances, sales, and lower prices
25. God’s many blessings

Don’t forget to thank God today and all through the year! Blessed Thanksgiving!

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