Random thoughts #10: Advertisements, Sherlock Holmes, & Shirley Temple

Let’s talk pizza. Actually let’s just eat pizza.

“I am inclined to think—” said I.
“I should do so,” Sherlock Holmes remarked impatiently.
-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: “The Valley of Fear”

Melon milk candy. You wouldn’t think those flavors would work (at least I didn’t), but they do #newKoreanfood #yumm

The next best thing to eating food is reading about it. For instance. Smooth chocolate pudding, bittersweet chocolate cookie crumbs, and light whipped cream combined in the goodness that is chocolate mousse pie. Didn’t that make you hungry? 😉 That ad is copyright starshining4ever, btw 😉

Elenda. It’s a street name but it sounds so Elvish!

Snow White in the animated Disney movie acts kinda like the little Shirley Temple.

Hey kid, let’s not hit your classmate with that basketball, ok? Thanks.

Suspect: “How do you know that?”
Holmes: “I followed you.”
Suspect: “I saw no one.”
Holmes: “That is what you may expect to see when I follow you.”

Anyone else think that Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz acts too young for her looks? They should’ve gone with the younger Shirley Temple for the role, which they were originally planning to do.

Saw a guy who looked like an older Tony Stark wearing a Captain America T-shirt.

I have yet to taste a cheese I didn’t like.

Online ads sure are funny. You research for your planned medieval-style doll dresses, and then there are these ads for online fantasy/medieval role playing games everywhere.

When some company advertises themselves as “the most trusted name in…” or “most loved” or “most famous” and I’m like, Then how come I’ve never heard of you before now? 😕

Lestrade to Sherlock Holmes: “We have every hope of clearing the matter up, but we find a little difficulty in getting anything to work upon.” Uh-huh. Only every time.
And Sherlock, after solving said crime: “I should prefer that you do not mention my name at all in connection with the case, as I choose to be only associated with those crimes which present some difficulty in their solution.” Got a reputation to keep, you know.

Pre-K girl: “My teeth aren’t working, because I went to the dentist.” Can anyone relate? 🙄

If you lose yourself
Your courage soon will follow
So be strong
Remember who you are

-“Sound the Bugle,” Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.” Romans 8:37

Remember who you are.

Random thoughts #9: Kids, storms, dolls, & cool movies

Maria Miranda. That’s a tongue-twister of a company name.

Now the kindergarten girls are reenacting Frozen. Save me…

An unusually smart kindergartener: “Do you know why I like burnt orange? It’s so realistic.” Is that pessimistic or something?

Sailing, sailing…

Just saw the Tooth Fairy from Rise of the Guardians doing a commercial for tooth brushing. Y’know, ever since seeing her in that movie, I’ve wanted to do something artsy with multicolored feathers and blue sequins.

When you face into the wind and a little piece of something flies straight into your eye, like it was aiming 😡

Anna and Elsa dolls are accompanying kindergarten girls to school and staring annoyingly at me >.< But the seamstress in me admires the costumes and looks forward to coming up with my own versions 😀

Clever 😉

Handful of blue M&Ms

“He’s looking for a green jacket…” Normally this would be mundane, but not at the Masters. Yeah, I only just learned that people who win golf tournaments are given green jackets because the golf tournament was playing on TV at a friend’s house.

Never knew there were so many ways to go across monkey bars. The things you learn from kids…

Speaking of which, a kindergartener was singing “Let It Go,” which is nothing new. What was new was that she was singing it IN KOREAN. She’d translated it herself. Ai yi yi.

Pacific Rim. The cleanest Hollywood action movie I’ve seen. And also very cool. Spectacular humongous reptiles and robots, awesome fights, storms galore, cool future brain technology, amazing soundtrack, and a good message 😎

You calm the storms in my life
And give me hope to live
You guide me and lead me
Every day
Nothing will I fear
As long as You are near
Please hold me
Closely by Your side

-“Times,” Freddy Joseph

There’s the cutest little kid at my school’s daycare. Dreamworks’ “Joseph” movie was on. This kindergartener said, “Oh, I know that story” and proceeded to give a rundown of it, ending with, “And then Joseph got back to his father, and the brothers were on time out or something.” 😆

“That’s paying for brains, you see—the American business principle.”
-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: “The Valley of Fear.”

I do love me a good, long, comfy denim skirt 😀

This is a great movie any time, but especially at Easter time. He is risen! He has conquered!!


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