White Wool Dress

White Wool Dress

Eowyn wears this dress in “The Two Towers.”  It is fitted through side seams, with sleeves tight to the elbow then flaring to trumpet shapes.  The upper sleeves are bound with cord I made from white thread.  Tight inner sleeves are also worn; they are not attached to anything–just slipped on to the arms.  Gold glitter paint decorates the neck and sleeve hems.  The belt is made from white fabric ribbon, on which I used gold paint to make the decorations.  It closes in the back with ties.

Cranberry Gown

Cranberry Dress

This dress had a very brief appearance in “The Two Towers”; also, there are very few pictures of it.  Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous dress that I just had to make once I got the burgundy crushed panne velvet. 🙂

The velvet is stretchy, so the dress pulls over the doll’s head.  The sleeves, though they look like they are 2-part, are really 1 piece for a smoother fit.  At the bottom, the sleeve seam is left unsewn to allow the doll’s hands to come through.  Gold glitter paint decorates the neckline and sleeves.

1940’s style dress

1940's style dress

I made this dress as a birthday gift for my younger sister.  The outfit has a 1940’s feel to it 🙂

There’s the sleeveless A-line underdress, that’s slightly below the knee.  Over that goes the jacket, which doesn’t close in front.  The doll wears white plastic pumps.  A green twistie-tie belt is worn in the last picture.

Chase Dress

Chase Dress

This is also known as the Riding outfit.  Arwen wears this pretty and practical “Lord of the Rings” dress when she saves Frodo from the Ringwraiths and brings him to Rivendell.

In lieu of swede, I used a grey T-shirt fabric, and finished the edges with Fray-Check: I think it gives a pretty good look.  I had a good pattern, but it was still a rather complicated project.  It’s the first dress I’ve made that has princess seams.  The skirt was pretty easy and looks really cool.  The bodice and sleeves were…harder.  Lots of little pieces to keep track of, fitting, modifications….   But I think it came out well 🙂

The princess seams are modified so the seam is at the shoulder.  A seam runs down the front of the bodice and the dress pulls over the doll’s head.  Embroidery floss was used for the laced ties in front, and there’s a ribbon sash in the back.  The coat sleeves are 2-piece, the lower part being petal wrapped.  The skirts (my favorite part) are actually 2 petal shapes, slightly overlapping in front and back.  Attached to the main dress/coat are flared, white lower sleeves, and a white underskirt, that’s also split in front and back, (made from a pair of tights with a crinkle texture).  Brown leggings are worn underneath.

Mirror Dress

Galadriel’s Mirror Dress

This is Galadriel’s most famous dress, worn when she meets the Fellowship in Lorien.

Here’s the underdress.


The overdress is made from a nice, slightly shiny, flowered lace.

The sleeves, though similar to Arwen’s 2-part sleeves, are 1 piece. They are tight to the elbow, then flare out to an almost half-circle shape.

The cloak is still forthcoming 🙂

Green dress

Green dress

This dress is actually a composite of 2 movie costumes. Both Eowyn in “The Two Towers” and Susan Pevensie in the first “Narnia” movie wear a gorgeous green dress. I decided to combine them…and here’s what I came up with. 🙂

I started off of a pattern on which I made adjustments. There is an underdress of tan leaves on a dark green background. The overdress is a lightweight dark green.

As for the design, I incorporated the elements I like best from each dress. The overdress skirt, rather than having a gap in the front which a panel covers (as in Eowyn’s dress), is a full circle only split toward the side. This is so it can be worn like either Susan’s or Eowyn’s skirt.The sleeves are smaller, more like Susan’s than Eowyn’s. I added ties on the upper arms because they were an element of Eowyn’s dresses that I liked but hadn’t used much. I left off Eowyn’s gold yoke and collar, and Susan’s white upper arm decorations.

The belt is 2 Indian gold-plated necklaces.  The doll’s hairstyle is the Narnian style–2 braids pulled back into a half-ponytail.

Group photo!

Here, at the end of the summer, are all 17 of my dolls 🙂

Sailor Dress

Sailor Dress

Another original design 🙂

The dress is actually made out of that blue silky material as Arwen’s “Blue Traveling Dress” overdress–only this time, I used the other side of the fabric.  It looks totally different on that side–rough and sturdy, perfect for something like this.  The white piping around the hem and sleeves is white bias tape.  A neat fish bracelet is what I used for the belt.

You can see the trim better here:            Here I added a neckerchief:



Here’s an original creation.  It’s based on early 20th century styles.

The dress has a pretty long train.  A twisted strip of lace makes a kind of sash in front that’s fastened at the side. There are lace sleeves, which are embellished with some crystal glitter glue, and a short lace cape.

Brown Coat

Brown Coat

This dress I did not make–it was one of the ones that come with the dolls from the store.

The coat I made in the style of Eowyn’s coat she wears with the Refugee Jumper in “The Two Towers”; however, I wanted mine to have a more modern look so I made the sleeves smaller and the neckline higher.  Instead of fur trim, I used chenille stems.  My coat is made of felt, which gives a nice look. It’s also quite stiff.  Since my trim has wire, that helps fix the problem and shape the coat.  There’s a dart in the back to improve fit.

The coat closes in front with hooks and eyes.

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