Introducing… Random Thoughts!

I thought I’d try posting some Random Thoughts periodically. Just recent musings, or things that happened in the day. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to respond in the comments section! 😀

Random observations today from the kids I watch in the daycare where I work.

“Turkeys are pretty.”

Well, these are! Made of dried beans, some colored with food coloring, and lentils. 😎 Handmade by the kindergarteners.





“If it doesn’t have wings, it doesn’t look like a ship.”

Got that right. Guess Star Wars didn’t get that memo 😕

“Some people are archeologists.”

Spoken after said kindergartener found a button on the floor. Oh well, even Indiana Jones had to start somewhere, right?

“It’s cold out there.”

Yes. Yes it is. Has been for the past few days. Cold, cloudy, foggy, rainy…and cold. My favorite type of weather 😀 Just not always to go out in…

“Jesus died to save people from their sins!”

Take a moment and thank Him for it, won’t you?

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