Lilla Rose ~ 3 days: EVERYTHNG up to 30% off, & 11 NEW Flexis


Lilla Rose, the hair jewelry company I’m a Consultant with, is doing a 3-day SALE!

  • 10% Off Everything!
  • 15% Off New Styles
  • 30% Off Select Styles
  • Plus, Free Shipping on orders $40 and over!
  • Thursday (August 27th, 2015 at 12am PST) till Saturday (August 29th at midnight PST)

There’s the FOTM (Flexi of the Month) for September, “Thistle”:


(And while it’s still August, be sure to pick up some of this month’s FOTM, “Hibiscus”:


There are 4 new Flexis being added to the line:


There is a new Limited Edition set, the Simple line, made with PVC tubing:

image image

Don’t forget, EVERYTHING is at least 10% off! And if you shop for $40 or more, you get FREE SHIPPING! Shop here on my website:


Lilla Rose hair bling: 50% OFF, for 24 hours only!!

Lilla Rose, the company I am an Independent Consultant for, is doing a

“Christmas in July” 24 hour Clearance sale!


Certain styles that are retiring and will not be restocked (see image below) are 50% OFF! Here’s your chance to scoop up some gorgeous hair bling at an awesome price!

The sale has already started (today at 8 AM), and ends tomorrow (Wednesday, July 15) at 8 AM. Shop on my website here:


And just as a note, the July Flexi of the Month (only available this month while supplies last) is still available for purchase 🙂



New Lilla Rose “Color Line” Flexis, and FREE shipping

Lilla Rose is introducing an exciting addition to their product line: the Color Basics Line! The style features a simple oval centerpiece and complementing brightly colored beads, so the colors stand out. So far there are 5 colors, and each color comes in all 7 sizes from Mini to Mega.

Read on to discover more details, and how YOU can get these at a discount!


The colors offered:






The Color Line is available on my website starting May 14.

To kick things off, enjoy a 48-hour sale, including

10% off
the new Color Line


on orders of $40 or more

Sale from 12 AM May 14, 2015 to midnight May 15, 2015.



FREE SHIPPING on Lilla Rose enrollment kits! Like these products? Think your friends and family will like them too? Want to get paid for referring people to buy them? Or maybe just want these products at a discount? To keep, sell, or give away?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, the Lilla Rose Party Kit is a great option for you! For as little as $49.95, you can become a Lilla Rose Independent Consultant. Sign up on May 14 or May 15, to get free shipping on your Kit!

What you spend:

• $49.95

What you get:

• 5 assorted Flexi clips, Mini through Large
• 5 catalogs
• 50 business cards
• 20 flyers
• 20 product sheets
• a FREE replicated website
• 30% off ALL your own purchases of Lilla Rose products
• 30% of what others spend when they shop through your website
• NO monthly fees or quotas – just buy $29 of product a YEAR to stay active!!
• the opportunity to make more sales and earn more commission
• the opportunity to sign people up and earn a percentage of what they spend on Lilla Rose products

There is also another sign up option in which you can buy $1100 worth of product for $500!

If you have any questions about the Lilla Rose Opportunity, please visit this page, and let me know via comment! 😀

Lilla Rose: New designs and 3-DAY SALE

Hi all! As most of you know, I’m an Independent Consultant for Lilla Rose, a hair jewelry company. I wanted to let you know about a 3 day sale that’s on right now, from today (April 23) till Saturday (April 25) at midnight. It’s a perfect opportunity to score a great gift for Mom, for Mothers Day! Something that’s useful as well as beautful, and will last quite a bit longer than flowers will 😉

20150423-012110.jpg May’s Flexi of the Month (only available while supplies last) is the lovely Grace.

20150423-012217.jpg And I have another special announcement – the Lilla Rose hairbands have undergone a redesign! Now the beaded part is longer and can be detached from the elastic (which comes in different colors now) for more customization! Some cool things you can do now are wear more than 1 bead strand at a time on your hairband, or use the hairband as a necklace!

20150423-012507.jpg These hairbands are 10% off during the 3 days of the sale. You can shop here: 🙂

Introducing: Lilla Rose! (And Christmas specials!)

Have you ever heard of a company called Lilla Rose? I hadn’t, until a couple weeks ago. But as soon as I saw their products, styled “hair jewelry,” I was intrigued. Their most popular product is the Flexi, a hair clip.
The first thing that struck me was their beauty—they really are very pretty, and they come in many styles!

LR Flexis assorted
I bought one, and instantly liked it. It holds my hair so securely, yet it doesn’t pull at either hair or head; it’s so light you forget you’re wearing it.
Whether your hair is long or short, thick or thin, there’s a Flexi for you! Here are the 7 different sizes the Flexi comes in, along with their regular prices:

Extra Small……….$13
Extra Large………$21
(Certain styles are a bit more.)

But the Flexi isn’t the only product Lilla Rose sells. They also carry Flexi-Ohs, hair sticks, hair bands, bobby pins, and You-Pins (which are used the same way as hair sticks). These all come in many different colors and styles.

LR other products

Lilla Rose is a direct sales company; they rely on word-of-mouth for their advertising. I love the Flexis, so I became an Independent Consultant with LR and now I’m introducing them to you! Here is my website, through which you can purchase Lilla Rose hair jewelry for yourself and others:

Click on the Shop Now tab, and then in the top left-hand, you’ll see “Welcome! Please Log In or create a New Account.” If you create an account, you’ll be able to keep track of all your purchases, as well as get early notification of new products and great sales that Lilla Rose does! This is very valuable, as new products sell out quickly, and sales do not last very long. I will also blog about sales that Lilla Rose does.

To start off my business, I’m doing a Grand Opening online party!* This is the party link that you can use for that: It is open to anyone, and a great benefit of ordering through the party link is that you get $4 shipping on all orders. This is a great time to order, as Lilla Rose products make fantastic Christmas gifts 😀 Also, Black Friday is coming up, so there is the opportunity of specials and sales! Be sure to sign up on my website, so you’ll be notified of the sales!

*This party will be open for 3 weeks. When it’s over, you can go back to shopping through my web link, instead of the party link. 🙂

I hope you will enjoy these wonderful products as much as I do! 😀

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