Greek Chiton

Greek chiton

This dress is Greek-inspired.  I looked at doric chitons, ionic chitons, peplums and more…and just came up with something I thought looked neat.  Studying the Dream Gown Arwen wears in “The Two Towers” and Molendrix’s pattern for a Guinevere dress helped, too.

This basic pattern started as 2 rectangles, 1 in front and 1 in back, attached at the shoulders–like Arwen’s Dream Gown.  But then I wanted to put in those drape-y sleeve things–I think they add more to the look.  So I went with something similar to the Guinevere dress, only with shorter sleeves.  The whole thing came out looking like a “T” with the top and bottom left open, and the sides closed. Then the top is gathered at 2 or 3 points along each shoulder.  I also sewed down the drapes on the sides so they’d look better. The golden chenille stems are for decoration.

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