Bow and Arrows

Here’s my how-to on making mini bows and arrows ūüôā ¬†Not only are they great props for medieval dolls, they also are actually¬†functional!


1 wire coat hanger

Thin elastic string (gold or silver looks cool)

Wooden skewers

Colored paper

Aluminum foil

Glue & scissors


Cut from the coat hanger a piece of wire about 6 inches long.  Bend it into an arc shape and curve the ends outward slightly.  Tie the elastic string between the ends of the bow. It should neither stretch nor sag.


Cut the wooden skewers into pieces almost as big as the bow. ¬†Glue 2 little rectangles of paper on opposite sides of each stick¬†near the bottom.¬† Once dry, cut fringes into them. That resembles the feathers and adds to the look. (For more functionality, you can skip this step–as this is the part you will hold to fire the arrow, the fringe comes off after a few uses.)

Using a knife, whittle the other ends of the sticks into blunt points–not sharp ones. ¬†DO THIS STEP VERY CAREFULLY.

Now cut rectangles out of the foil, apply glue to one side, and fold the glue side over the pointed tips of the arrows. ¬†You’ll have a foil square at that end. When dry, cut the foil into a pointed shape resembling an arrow-tip.

Ready, Aim, Fire:

Due to the small size of this set, you’ll have to use the “pinch draw.” ¬†¬†Grasp the arrow with thumb and forefinger and set it in front of the bowstring. ¬†Pull back the arrow, making sure it is in front of the string. ¬†When you release, the the elastic in the string will propel the arrow forward a good distance. ¬†MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT FIRING TOWARD ANY PERSON. ¬†For most of your marksmanship practice, you might want to use Q-tips instead of the wooden arrows.


If you make more bows, you can have an outdoors shooting match with your family. Attach a paper target to a tree and dip the tip of each person’s Q-tip arrow into a different color of paint.

Have fun!

Ranger Outfit

The Ranger doll

This was the first doll costume I made. ¬†It started as a skirt and top and I just kept adding to it ūüôā ¬†Its style is largely based on that of the members of the Fellowship in the “Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy.

It’s a dress, of course, because she’s a girl ūüôā ¬†The sleeves I patterned after the Elf-princess Arwen’s sleeves on her battle outfit. ¬†(That outfit isn’t in the movie because the storyline in which she fights at Helm’s Deep fortunately got dropped–but there are pictures of the dress.) ¬†The vambraces are like the ones Arwen uses in the fight. The doll also has leggings like Arwen does sometimes.

The jerkin is based on the Ranger Aragorn’s leather jerkin (mine is felt). ¬†The doll has a dagger like he did. ¬†Mine is handmade out of a wood skewer, foil and a paper clip.

You can’t see it too well, but she has on under the jerkin a sleeveless coat of “chainmail” made of an unrolled copper pot scrubber. ¬†That came out really well and is reminiscent of Frodo’s hidden coat of mithril.

The bow and arrows I made a while ago. ¬†The bow can actually fire the arrows. ¬†I wrote up a how-to on how to make those–here it is. ¬†I modified the quiver to fit like Legolas the Elf’s. ¬†Her hairstyle is also based on Legolas’–1 braid down the middle, 2 small ones to the sides.

The cloak is a full circle and made of an old T-shirt, so it drapes really well. ¬†It’s patterned after the cloaks the Fellowship gets in Lothlorien.

Accessories I didn’t make are the buckler ( a shield pendant I got for my birthday) and the cloak clasp (an angel pin).

This was made out of 2 small beads to resemble the phial of Galadriel given to Frodo the Hobbit.

Plastic boots complete the outfit.

I made this before we got our new nifty sewing machine, so it’s done entirely by hand. Accessorizing was the most fun. I think this is my favorite outfit that I’ve made so far ūüôā

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