Katniss’ Red Fire dress

One of my sisters commissioned me to make this for our youngest sister’s Christmas gift. 🙂 Katniss’ interview “girl on fire” dress from The Hunger Games movie. It differs from the original dress in that I added cap sleeves for modesty. It’s a red silky materiel with an attached ruffle of sparkly red lace, and a red wire ribbon flounce/bow.


It was fun getting to go back to my old hobby! 😀

Lilla Rose: New designs and 3-DAY SALE

Hi all! As most of you know, I’m an Independent Consultant for Lilla Rose, a hair jewelry company. I wanted to let you know about a 3 day sale that’s on right now, from today (April 23) till Saturday (April 25) at midnight. It’s a perfect opportunity to score a great gift for Mom, for Mothers Day! Something that’s useful as well as beautful, and will last quite a bit longer than flowers will 😉

20150423-012110.jpg May’s Flexi of the Month (only available while supplies last) is the lovely Grace.

20150423-012217.jpg And I have another special announcement – the Lilla Rose hairbands have undergone a redesign! Now the beaded part is longer and can be detached from the elastic (which comes in different colors now) for more customization! Some cool things you can do now are wear more than 1 bead strand at a time on your hairband, or use the hairband as a necklace!

20150423-012507.jpg These hairbands are 10% off during the 3 days of the sale. You can shop here: http://www.LillaRose.biz/StarShiningForever 🙂


Love the Biblical perspectives on the constellations! I feel stars have a special way of drawing you closer to God.

On The Housetops


“The heavens declare the glory of God;

And the firmament shows His handiwork.

Day unto day utters speech,

And night unto night reveals knowledge.”

(Psalm 19:1-2 NKJV)

My siblings were so excited about the six or seven inches of snow that fell yesterday. So last night, right after dinner, Dad and us kids piled into the van and headed to the biggest nearby hill to go sledding. It was dark, and we were pretty much the only ones there.

Every time I went climbing back up the hill, I would look up into the sky and see the constellation of the warrior Orion right above the peak. It’s the only constellation I know how to recognize – the three stars forming Orion’s belt are often the first thing I notice when I go outside at night in the winter months. Most people learn to recognize the common constellations of the…

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I’m a Christian and I think ‘Noah’ deserves a four star review

5 star review of a 0 star movie.

The Matt Walsh Blog

untitled (37)

On Friday, my wife and I had a very rare date night.

Naturally, we decided to spend it being pummeled by the blaring condescension of the most insipid, absurd, unimaginative, clumsily contrived piece of anti-Christian filmmaking to come along since, well, probably just last week.

In fact, if I learned anything from Noah, it’s this: despite popular perception, you can often judge a book by its cover. Also, giant deformed rock monsters make for awkward supporting characters.

We’ll meditate on that second item in a moment, but it’s the first point that should be especially emphasized.

Christians: you’ll hear people insist that you can’t criticize the movie until you’ve seen it. Noticeably, the loudest voices in this camp are the ones who will (rather coincidentally, I’m sure) profit immensely if you meet their challenge.


Don’t bother.

You can hate this film without watching it, for the same reason…

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Daylight savings time…in LOTR


Truth. 😉

But seriously, treasure each moment God gives you and use it for His glory!

So teach us to number our days,
That we may gain a heart of wisdom.
~Psalm 90:12

If you’re looking for the Dread Pirate Roberts…

…it seems he can be found nearby!


Reading Habits Survey

A friend of mine is doing a survey and a giveaway—check it out! She also regularly does neat book reviews on her blog.

Leah's Bookshelf

Giveaway Options
Yes, another survey. And another giveaway too. In order to enter the giveaway, simply take the survey and leave a comment to let me know you’ve completed it. The winner of the giveaway will receive his or her choice of the books shown above; a hard copy of The City of Ember or In Freedom’s Cause or a kindle copy of Supervillain of the Day. International participants may only receive the supervillain e-book.

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My apologies for the lack of recent posts–our family recently moved, so I haven’t had much time to blog! The story is, we had a deadline to move out of our house and God miraculously provided another house through the pastors at our church. However, we had to first move our things to a storage unit and work on fixing up the new house (pulling up carpet, having the wood floors refinished and painting all the interiors); then we moved everything from storage to the house. We are still in the process of retiling the kitchen floors. God has blessed us with so many friends to help, though! 😀 

So those are the recent happenings. But stay tuned for upcoming posts about dolls, history, and photography! 

Happy December!

My new Photography Blog!

Hi everyone! I’d like to let you know about my new photography blog! This is where I’ll post all my photography (which I’ve been publishing under the Our Father’s World category in this blog), keeping my Star Shining Forever blog for mostly doll-related things and miscellaneous stuff 😀 Please do check out my new blog, comment and follow!! See you there! 😀

This Is Our Father’s World

My New History Blog!

I just started a new History-related blog. Please check it out, comment and/or follow! 😀

From the Pages of History

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