Random Thoughts #7: Coziness & Frozenness

While my dad was at a meeting all evening, I was in the hotel lobby trying to study my international relations textbook while synthesized pop music played overhead. Stupid boy-girl lyrics—when I could even understand the lyrics. Irritating beat. Album on repeat. All evening. Everything started to sound the same before long. By the time we left, my brain was hurting.

I don’t know why warming your feet makes your sore throat hurt less, but it does.

“Let It Go” is getting to be an earsore because it’s all every little kid (especially girls) at my school seems to sing 😕 However, some school kids are fighting back 😉 The best versions I’ve heard are:

• “Dont let it go, don’t let it go. Hold it back some more…”
• a version that sounds like a mad bear is belting it out
• covering up the sound of the song by imitating a rock beat
• “Sh-ut up, sh-ut up…” (my fave :P)

All were debuted by kindergarten to second grade boys. Give them a round of aplause, ladies and gents! 😀

Apple cinnamon herbal tea. In a thermos. Perfect for cold errand-filled evenings. 😀

Mission Impossible ( 😎 )+ Indiana Jones ( 😎 ) = National Treasure ( 😐 )

Since when did mini chicken nuggets and American cheese chunks alternately stuck on pretzel sticks become a “kebab”? Since Lunchables released that very thing? Oh 😕

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Watching an 18-wheeler make a U-turn is a harrowing experience. 😮

Sitting on the bed eating this jello-fruit-yogurt concoction thingy.

My littlest brother: “Stop saying “epic.” “Epic” boring now.” Too true, I’m afraid :-/

Knitting is just cozy.

Yes, I keep up with pop culture through the kids at my school. The new big kids movie is the LEGO movie. The music from that LEGO movie is supremely annoying.

Silver + blue = spectacular



Well, I may be up to here with “Let It Go,” but I do like the Piano Guys and classical music. So what they add to this version makes it fun 🙂 And that location is amazing!! 😎

He gives snow like wool;
He scatters the frost like ashes;
He casts out His hail like morsels;
Who can stand before His cold?

-Psalm 147:16-17

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