Esther Doll

Trinity Christian City International is Trinity Broadcasting Network‘s (TBN) building in Southern California.  TCCI is such a fun place to visit—they have gardens, fountains, a cafe, a gift shop, a museum with paintings, sculptures and ancient Bibles, a recreation of the Via Dolorosa, and a really cool movie theatre where they show movies TBN has made: The Revolutionary 1, The Revolutionary 2, The Emissary, Omega Code, Megiddo, and One Night With the King–the Bible story of Queen Esther (click the names to watch the movie :)). On certain nights they do free live recordings of their “Praise the Lord” TV program. Lots to do and see! 😀  (Find your local TBN TV station here.)

We recently visited TCCI with our grandfather and he got some gifts for his grandkids at the gift shop. I got this neat little Esther doll.  She’s about 5 inches tall. Although I plan on recreating some of Esther’s “One Night With the King” dresses for her, I really like the outfits she came with—a peasant one, including a brown tunic and pink top with a rope belt and tambourine…


…and a queen outfit, a shiny white dress with orange trim and a necklace.


Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

This doll is a special part of my collection.

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