Sailor Dress

Sailor Dress

Another original design 🙂

The dress is actually made out of that blue silky material as Arwen’s “Blue Traveling Dress” overdress–only this time, I used the other side of the fabric.  It looks totally different on that side–rough and sturdy, perfect for something like this.  The white piping around the hem and sleeves is white bias tape.  A neat fish bracelet is what I used for the belt.

You can see the trim better here:            Here I added a neckerchief:

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  1. We have just had a wonderful trawl through your site and subscribed. you have quite a talent. We’ll be checking in each day to see your new designs! Thanks!


    • starshining4ever

       /  September 18, 2011

      Thank you! Unfortunately, as summer is now over, I have gotten really busy and will have to search for time to sew more. When I find material and time I will post 🙂
      God bless!



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